Twitter: Surprising Help with Sharks and Disasters

I saw a recent report on CBS Morning Newssilhotteshark about GPS tags on sharks in Western Australia that send Twitter alerts to swimmers and surfers when sharks are in local waters.  Experts now think that Twitter is a good way to distribute alerts not only for shark visitors, but also for more common natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and more.

In a natural disaster the Internet and Web are most likely shut off.  So Twitter via the web isn’t available.   But if you use SMS (instant messaging) on your cell phone, you can get alerts.    For more information on how to set this up, sign-up for my newsletter  and get for the Free #Twitter ebook.  You’ll get the latest and greatest ways to use Twitter for personal and business purposes, also.

Twitter alerts were started to help with emergency situations.  Twitter has partnered with over 100 emergency services to allow them to send you tweets and information during emergency services. Go to @TwitterAlerts to sign up on the Blog.


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