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How to fix broken employer-employee problems


The business employment process is broken.  I’ve witnessed way too many U.S. layoffs and reorgs, where continuity and trust are lost for employers and employees.  Anxiety and confusion abounds all around.  There is distrust and constant churning as companies lose valuable employees.  Employees are compelled to constantly keep looking for better opportunities.   Meanwhile, we hear too many company mission statement platitudes such as “we highly value our employees” or our goal is “excellence”.  Trust in the business world is now at an all time low.

What can we do? Reid Hoffman, Cofounder and Chairman of LinkedIn, along with Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh, suggest bold and practical ways for management to Rebuild the Employee Relationship For Today’s Networked World in the New York Times Bestselling book, The Alliance.

Employers and Employees can build trust and mutual investment by having honest conversations both ways.   The authors advocate a “tour of duty” or specific assignment within a framework mapped out within a timeframe with metrics.  A meaningful conversation take places about longer term career goals and company needs, thinking beyond the immediate employer and the employer.

I particularly like the idea that “employee network intelligence” can supply really powerful advice and information that helps employers  as well as employees.  An alumni network is part of a healthy ecosystem, too.  A constantly nurtured and vital network, Your “network” becomes part of  your “net worth” for management too.

Also, instead of filling one position with very narrowly focused requirements,  I believe that Hoffman,  Casnocha, and Yeh show how management can greatly benefit by developing talented and diverse individuals with of all ages (older and younger) and backgrounds (with transferable skills and experiences) for mutual benefit for today’s networked world.   Discuss The Alliance Framework.