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Moxy Marketing: How to solve key problems today

green_yellowballoon_moonWhat does Moxy Marketing do?

We integrate marketing and communications for greater impact, better relationships, and optimum results.    We get more sales and more customers by using social media.  With a focus on the right audience. By building trust.

How is this done?  We:

  • Pull everything together with a plan to resonate, engage, and build trust with the target audiences.
  • Use the best traditional and newer media methods & techniques to target those audiences.
  • Focus on results.  Improve the bottom line and increase long-term relationships.  Shorten the sales cycle or the buyers’ journey.
  • Are driven to succeed with PR, web site, campaign, blog, columnist, social media, and eBook experience.

What are some key problems facing organizations today?  We interviewed business owners and did research.  We see:

  • Inconsistent, conflicting, or fragmented messaging. Major changes cause confusion and doubt, lack of trust.  For example:  Someone has a unique new studio for experimental design work; but the brochure discusses classical painting methods of the 17th century without a clear connection.
  • Poor focus on the appropriate audiences. For example,  if my target audience includes authors who write in distinctive different genres, (mysteries, poetry, etc.) do not send the same email to the same genre mailing list, it will be considered spam.
  • Selling something prematurely before educating the audience to build their trust or provide thought leadership. Plan to nurture the relationship by providing expert advice or thought leadership.  For example:   Someone downloads a whitepaper or attends a webinar and the organization starts to sell a product right away.  Or timing is out-of-sync for a campaign, because it is not previewed and followed up with social media tactics.

We don’t shoot for the moon (as in the photo) but we can get fairly close to it.