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Social Media: Best Times to Post (and More)

SocialMedia_BestTimesPostIn the helter skelter of social media communications, I say let’s pause.  For example, I just found a useful infographic on the best times to post on various social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Blogs).   The multiple data sources references are listed at the bottom.   

You’ll note that people use Twitter mostly on weekends, Facebook early in the mornings, Google + at night, Linkedin before and after work.  Pinterest is mainly for do-it-yourself types for visual expression work, blogs are targeted to an audience and need to be regularly posted.   There are also a few other worthwhile suggestions for each platform.

This is all well and good; it is a guideline, a nice set of comparable timeline graphics and this is fine. Ideally,  however, you should track your own data for your messaging, platform, and audiences and come to your own conclusions.  Targeting your audience is the key;  what platforms do they use and when? Also, one can optimize outbound messaging in various ways and be consistent.  However, there is much lot more to leveraging social media to meet business goals.

I see innumerable so-called newbie “experts” who work round-the-clock to post items–they think that this is essence of their being a social media expert.  NOT SO.  It is just one tactic.  It is not a strategy for success.  To know more about how to think about social media and get the most benefit (such as creating the best content, gaining trust, getting more prospects, clients, influencers) including tracking interactions and delivery mechanisms,  I suggest you sign-up for My Newsletter. You can get one of the two books I have helped write with Andreas Ramos (on your request)  including  The Big Book of Content Marketing or #Twitter.  Or ask for advice and help from serious experts who really understand how to integrate tactics with overall strategy.

New Google Maps App: Better or Not?

There is a debate going on now.  Is the new Google Maps better than the “classic” version? There is a recent TechCrunch article about the new Maps app.  My advice is to check it out. To do so, just go to this page, scroll down to the bottom, and hit the “Try Now” button.


The “classic” version initially looks like this, with search items on the side, along with locations, directions, and possible routes.  The Google Earth and 3D Image options are plug-in accessories.



NewGoogleMapcontrolsThe newer version initially looks like this,  with new map controls and an explore bar with more information shown on the map itself. Find directions, traffic, and possible routes.


You find Google Earth in the lower left-hand view and the carousel of street views in the lower right-hand corner.   It has a street navigation and 3D Image functions built-in also.

The newer version can take longer to download with more overhead from integrated functions. Test the newer version before dropping the old one, especially if you prefer the classic interface.   Be sure to test it on your mobile phone; it may not be ready for prime-time yet.

Overall, I can certainly see upgrading my Google Maps program.  They will work out the bugs over time.  My bigger issue with Google is the search engine itself with its commercial “eat, drink, or buy” focus.   For example, I searched for “elephants in Denver, Colorado” (for the elephant center at the zoo).  I only got “The Elephant Bar,” and several other restaurants, no zoo at all!  I tried again, searching for “animal elephants in Denver, Colorado,” that worked. Have fun with the new Google Maps.