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New Google Maps App: Better or Not?

There is a debate going on now.  Is the new Google Maps better than the “classic” version? There is a recent TechCrunch article about the new Maps app.  My advice is to check it out. To do so, just go to this page, scroll down to the bottom, and hit the “Try Now” button.


The “classic” version initially looks like this, with search items on the side, along with locations, directions, and possible routes.  The Google Earth and 3D Image options are plug-in accessories.



NewGoogleMapcontrolsThe newer version initially looks like this,  with new map controls and an explore bar with more information shown on the map itself. Find directions, traffic, and possible routes.


You find Google Earth in the lower left-hand view and the carousel of street views in the lower right-hand corner.   It has a street navigation and 3D Image functions built-in also.

The newer version can take longer to download with more overhead from integrated functions. Test the newer version before dropping the old one, especially if you prefer the classic interface.   Be sure to test it on your mobile phone; it may not be ready for prime-time yet.

Overall, I can certainly see upgrading my Google Maps program.  They will work out the bugs over time.  My bigger issue with Google is the search engine itself with its commercial “eat, drink, or buy” focus.   For example, I searched for “elephants in Denver, Colorado” (for the elephant center at the zoo).  I only got “The Elephant Bar,” and several other restaurants, no zoo at all!  I tried again, searching for “animal elephants in Denver, Colorado,” that worked. Have fun with the new Google Maps.