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Modern Marketing Tour – Oracle Marketing Cloud

MA_Logo_actionandgraphsAmplify: Age of the Customer, Digital Body Language, and post-Digital disruption

The Modern Marketing Tour (the Oracle Marketing Cloud, formerly Eloqua, conference) amplified the “Age of the Customer,” “Digital Body Language,” and “post-Digital disruption”. These are key phrases describing the changes in marketing that focus on finding better ways to reach customers and measure the real impact of marketing. The changes attempt to more closely map marketing efforts to corporate top line (net sales) and bottom line (profit/loss) results.

By using the Oracle Marketing Cloud (Marketing Automation) you get more accurate, more confident, faster decisions, per Nicholas Petersen, Performance Analytics Practice Lead, Relationship One. MA beyond anecdotal information and Excel spreadsheets. One can track trends, measure, and draw insights from the “Digital Body language” of the customer (the customer, who is center of all interactions, beyond just one funnel approach), per Mili Patel and Adrian Chang, both from the Oracle Marketing Cloud Team.

What is the result? You can get increased profits, revenue, valuations, and more. Perhaps even move into better predictive modeling to help the CMO and CFO. For example in terms of marketing spending, this can mean shifting more money from content broadcasting (with limited or no good data tracking) into areas that can provide more useful information for the customer and company, per Laura Ramos, VP, Principal Analyst at Forester Research, Inc.

Covidien has a top down team approach to focusing on the customer with a combination of many different platforms—this is not easy but worth doing. To fully benefit from this way of thinking requires the mindset, expertise, and thoughtful use of complex toolsets – of course Eloqua was featured but as one part of a systems thinking approach. This higher-level thinking requires breaking through isolated silos to integrate tools for customer data, tools such as salesforce.com (CRM), Content Marketing Systems, Tableau (aggregate data), Bizo, and many more, per Vince Rainsford, VP of Marketing Operations, Covidien.

Although there were value-added analysts, consulting firms, and partners, presenting at the Tour it was an Oracle show and a good one. It was also great to meet and mingle with the terrific Topliners.com (Eloqua) community too.