Monthly Archives: March 2016

We Saved a Life Today!


We saved a life today. It started with four, three friends and me, then more.

My friend had a stomach ache. Was it dinner the night before? It was time for over-the-counter relief, ginger ale, and rest. But the pain increased. Then there were severe cramps. One friend urged a visit to urgent care. My afflicted friend didn’t want to go, delayed and delayed and delayed, didn’t want a big bill to pay, and more.

One heroic friend, a medical pro, insisted going to urgent care. My afflicted friend gave in for the pain. Another friend drove her over to urgent care. Urgent care says: SERIOUS PROBLEM, SHE IMMEDIATELY NEEDS A CAT SCAN AT STANFORD EMERGENCY. She was off to Stanford Hospital and a series of tests. She had a very inflamed appendix. She was immediately booked for surgery the next day. Doctors found gangrene in the appendix; this rapidly kills live cells. If it exploded she could have died. It was close call. She was getting ready for a long road trip, the timing was critical.

I picked her up at the hospital and got her settled. Though still risky, the prospects are very good for recovery. Perspective: We get so wrapped up in finding jobs, places to live, how to survive in the intense Silicon Valley jungle. Saving a life was a joyful experience. It is about what really matters and a lesson for our hearts, minds, and souls to remember now.

We saved a life today!