Monthly Archives: January 2016

BtoBs Still Struggle to Measure Marketing Impact


The dog in the popular Disney movie “Up,” would lose focus and chase animals that came his way. He never caught them and got lost.

Does your BtoB business lose focus and get lost in measuring what matters to the business and instead chases after what’s easy? Tracking quantity over quality? Failing to measure factors that lead to improved performance?

Businesses often don’t really “walk the talk”; I see lots of talk but limited actions. It is also hard to change. Employees keep cranking out information in a blizzard of endless reports, without a reality-check on what really matters. Companies measure the easy metrics (for web sites: views, impressions, conversion for a simple download but without real qualified leads). SEO keywords are not id’ed and fully integrated for easy search. Whitepapers are bought and pushed out furiously, without regard to their measured value to any top line or bottom line numbers or even brand sympathy.

Let’s keep our BtoB businesses from becoming the dog in the Disney movie.
If you want to join me and champion this cause, please read Laura Ramos’ excellent Forester Report, “Metrics That Matter For B2B Marketers”. Despite being published last April, 2015 it is all still highly relevant, thought provoking, and has suggested solutions for dealing with this problem.