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Content Marketing: Five Experts in a 30 minute Webinar

Bright-IdeasAndreas Ramos says,” 80% of online advertising does not reach your audience.”   Good  content  marketing will reach your audience.  But what does good content marketing mean?  How can your business create and manage the right content to get the results you want?  What are good examples?

It is amazing that within 30 minutes the August, 2013 Archived Big Content Marketing Webinar covers the topic so well!  Jodi Gill from The Experts Bench, “30 with the Experts,” interviews five experts who are either executives from Fortune 500 technology companies or leading authors with their own consulting companies.

Participants include Andreas Ramos (, author of The Big Book of Content Marketing). Alberto Viotta, (Director,, Adam Stein (Senior Product Marketing Director, SAP), Catherine Nicholson, (Social Media Business Manager, IBM), and  Mark Burgess, (Blue Focus Marketing, co-author of The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work).