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Search Engine Share by Country

globalSearchShare_image Global Search Engine Results by Country

Results from Return on Now, show results by country.  Google dominates but China (Baidu) and Russia (Yandex) with large populations, still need to  have their alternative search engines considered in any global search strategy. Here are some highlights:

  1. China, where Baidu still commands a marked lead with 55% market share, followed by Qihoo 360 (formerly branded as 360 Search) has jumped from 21% to 28% share in 2015. Sogou lands out at third place with a 12.8% share. Baidu is no longer the only game in town. If you want to target Chinese internet users, all three search engines must be taken into account.
  2. Hong Kong, where Google leads by a large margin but Yahoo is hanging on at 24%, after coming in at 32% in the 2013 report.
  3. Japan, where Yahoo Japan maintains a 40% market share. Note that Yahoo Japan still serves up results using Google’s algorithm, meaning that Google is pretty much the “only show in town” for Japan.
  4. Russia, where Yandex has given back a bit to come in at 58% share (vs. 62% previously), while Google has surged from 26% in 2013 to 34% in 2015. Webcertain attributes this surge to the heavy adoption of the Chrome browser and Android-based phones within Russia over the past couple of years.
  5. South Korea, where Naver and Daum together have grown their dominance from 90% combined in 2013 to 97% in 2015.
  6. The United States, where Google continues to lead handily at 72%, but where Bing has come on strong to land at 21% share in 2015.

We Saved a Life Today!


We saved a life today. It started with four, three friends and me, then more.

My friend had a stomach ache. Was it dinner the night before? It was time for over-the-counter relief, ginger ale, and rest. But the pain increased. Then there were severe cramps. One friend urged a visit to urgent care. My afflicted friend didn’t want to go, delayed and delayed and delayed, didn’t want a big bill to pay, and more.

One heroic friend, a medical pro, insisted going to urgent care. My afflicted friend gave in for the pain. Another friend drove her over to urgent care. Urgent care says: SERIOUS PROBLEM, SHE IMMEDIATELY NEEDS A CAT SCAN AT STANFORD EMERGENCY. She was off to Stanford Hospital and a series of tests. She had a very inflamed appendix. She was immediately booked for surgery the next day. Doctors found gangrene in the appendix; this rapidly kills live cells. If it exploded she could have died. It was close call. She was getting ready for a long road trip, the timing was critical.

I picked her up at the hospital and got her settled. Though still risky, the prospects are very good for recovery. Perspective: We get so wrapped up in finding jobs, places to live, how to survive in the intense Silicon Valley jungle. Saving a life was a joyful experience. It is about what really matters and a lesson for our hearts, minds, and souls to remember now.

We saved a life today!

BtoBs Still Struggle to Measure Marketing Impact


The dog in the popular Disney movie “Up,” would lose focus and chase animals that came his way. He never caught them and got lost.

Does your BtoB business lose focus and get lost in measuring what matters to the business and instead chases after what’s easy? Tracking quantity over quality? Failing to measure factors that lead to improved performance?

Businesses often don’t really “walk the talk”; I see lots of talk but limited actions. It is also hard to change. Employees keep cranking out information in a blizzard of endless reports, without a reality-check on what really matters. Companies measure the easy metrics (for web sites: views, impressions, conversion for a simple download but without real qualified leads). SEO keywords are not id’ed and fully integrated for easy search. Whitepapers are bought and pushed out furiously, without regard to their measured value to any top line or bottom line numbers or even brand sympathy.

Let’s keep our BtoB businesses from becoming the dog in the Disney movie.
If you want to join me and champion this cause, please read Laura Ramos’ excellent Forester Report, “Metrics That Matter For B2B Marketers”. Despite being published last April, 2015 it is all still highly relevant, thought provoking, and has suggested solutions for dealing with this problem.